Front Standoff -1/0mm in Titanium 6Al4V for XRAY XB8

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The StandOff are made of Titanium Grade 5 6Al4V cetified with U.S.A.
The Rolled Threads guarantee a perfect coupling with the nuts and increase the resistance of the Titanium by 35%.
Thanks to the lower weight, there will be a substantial reduction in the Suspended Mass and therefore less load transfer in any situation.

The RC-Project Standoffs help to keep the shock to the right angle related to front anti-squat position.
Using Rc-Project Standoffs, you can match your arm angle to the shock angle, making it work properly and avoiding any unwanted loads on shock parts.
The shock will do its job properly, and there will be less wear on the shock shaft and on the bushings.
Normally with those Rc-Project Standoffs you will have to go up a bit of shock oil thickness, having reduced the mechanical load applied to the shock.
You will also notice a longer life of the shock parts and the shock oil.

Furthermore, if you wanted to return to the Original size, just move the Thickness to the side of the Standoff.

The weight of the Kit is 4.80g.

Replacing Articles 358047.

Kit of 2 Pcs.

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